mirubeee and how it works

Electricity consumption management

Mirubeee is a system for managing large household electricity consumption that allows you to make the most of your photovoltaic installation, avoid consumption at the most expensive times and actively limit the maximum power consumed. All this in an intelligent, automatic and uncomplicated way.


How it works

The Mirubeee system uses the house as a large energy accumulator. It heats/cools the house when electricity is cheap or when there is a surplus of solar production, and takes advantage of the thermal inertia not to consume when energy is more expensive.

Hot water consumption is critical during a small part of the day (shower time). The rest of the time, the electric accumulator is used to store energy at the most appropriate time.

A swimming pool requires a few hours of daily filtration to be clean, but the exact time of operation does not matter. It is an important and easily displaced consumption!

The system consults every day what the price of electricity is at any given hour. This, together with the programming indicated by the user and the availability of photovoltaic surpluses, makes it possible to make the decision every minute to switch on or off the equipment in the house.

For the control of photovoltaic surpluses, the Mirubeee system uses the electrical grid as a storage battery. This is why it allows surpluses to be discharged into the grid, which is compensated after a few minutes by the activation of certain devices. Therefore, the system does not regulate the power of the appliances but adapts their time of use to achieve the objective of “zero balance” within each calendar hour (since every hour the distributor makes a net balance between imported and exported energy).