The mirubeee solution

Control Hardware equipment

Compact and simple equipment.
Very easy physical installation, in many cases, self-installable.
Communications via WiFi, without the need for wiring.

Smart Plug

Hot water tank and electric heater

This is a 16A plug with power consumption measurement and a cut-off relay. It is inserted into the socket of the appliance in question. To manage the heater, a Smart IR can also be used to know the room temperature (one Smart IR can serve data to multiple radiators).

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Smart Switch

Pool pump / Aerothermics

This is a 16A terminal box with a cut-off relay. It works in a similar way to the Smart Plug but wired. Can be DIN rail mounted. It is NOT a potential-free contact.

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Smart IR

Air conditioning / Heat pump

It is a universal infrared (IR) emitter. Installed on a table in direct view of the air-conditioning unit, it sends commands just as your remote control would. It is not suitable for controlling equipment without a remote control. Also measures ambient temperature and humidity. Powered by USB.

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Reads data from solar inverters every minute and allows quick action to switch on or off electrical loads as required.

Makes decisions about control equipment autonomously. Connects directly to the router via cable and sends the information to the cloud.